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This exploration of ideas began with an event that changed the lives of many people close to me. The event began a rippling of my waters that affected the way I think about life and relationships. It is also the relationships that have fueled and driven my desire to continue my course of study. Without the support, love and friendship of all the people I hold dear in my life, this journey would not have been as fulfilling, as inspiring or revealing.

First, I would like to thank my mother, Sandra, my father, Joseph Patrick, and my brother Kit. The memories of our shared family life have made me the person I am, and sifting through these has made me aware of the preciousness of the time we had as a family.

Secondly, I would like to thank my husband Mark, and son, Riley. With their blessing and permission I indulged in this very personal voyage, one that took me away from them for two and a half years, both mentally and physically, I thank them for the love that carried me to completion.

To all my friends and the faculty and administration of Whitecliffe, who have supported and encouraged me in countless ways, thank you.

Shāna Carlan-Riddell
Paradise Valley
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New Zealand
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